LLC "Tehnonefteprom" is a leading company in the Russian federation in terms of exploration and production. Adding petroleum production is main activity of the Company’s key priorities.


LLC "Tehnonefteprom" has main fully consolidated production and development enterprises, which produce crude oil in Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia, Central Russia and the Russian Far East. The Company also has a 15% stake in the Sakhalin-1 project and a 50% stake in ZAO "Krasnodareconeft", both accounted for using proportionate consolidation method. In addition, LLC "Tehnonefteprom" participates in major oil production joint ventures accounted for using the equity method. The Company also participates in international projects in Belarus and Kazakhstan.


The main products of LLC "Tehnonefteprom" are automobile gasoline, low sulfur diesel fuel, fuel oil and liquefied gas. The peculiarity of "Tehnonefteprom" oil complex lies in the fact that the extraction, processing, transportation and export of oil are concentrated here. 


As a raw material, the plant is currently using Western Siberian oil coming through the pipeline. The plant is located in the Khabarovsk region, making up a single production complex.


• Petrol A-76 
• Gasoline AI-93 
• Export gasoline petrol 
• Diesel fuel 
• Kerosene lighting 
• Fuel oil M-100 
• Liquefied gas


The products are exported internationally.


LLC "Tehnonefteprom" is a privately owned oil complex, which participates in export operations and transshipment of oil products, loading in railway and freight tanks, and the supply of petroleum products with gasoline tankers. In 2015, the facility handle 22.4 m tons of oil products.


The company oil complex, located in the Western Siberian, produces 22.4 million tons per year. The complex is used mainly for the export of petroleum products manufactured at the plants in Khabarovsk region. 


In 2015 the Company supplied 38.8 million tons of oil products through the oil complex in Western Siberia and Khabarovsk region (with export and domestic bunkering), while adjusting transshipment of third-party oil products, the figure reaches 42.9 million tons.





Why choose us

LLC "Tehnonefteprom" is a modern company with ten years of experience in the Russia oil market for petroleum products, petrochemicals and mineral fertilizers. During this time, the order distribution system was formed in such a way that, regardless of your country origin, we are ready to offer competitive working conditions for the supply of petroleum products, petrochemicals and mineral fertilizers.


We deliver oil products both by road and rail, depending on your needs and infrastructure.